Christmas Tree Care


A Christmas tree is no different from having a huge bunch of flowers in your house. The moment it is in a warm house it will start transpiring and draw water.

Anything up to a litre or more a day depending on the size of the tree.

If you have not been present when your tree is cut then, we advise you cut a slither off the bottom of the trunk as this quickly seals with resin and restricts water flow.

Lemonade or cut flower sachets can give the tree a sugar rush which will help in needle retention.

With underfloor heating, to avoid a disastreeous situation, do not put a tree on a floor which is under-heated. Warm air rises up and dries the underside of the needles which have no waxy protection.

If there is no alternative, then laying a blanket on the floor to deflect heat and lots of extra water will help.


Nordman /

Blue Spruce


3 ft 21 15
4 ft 30 20
5 ft 45 30
6 ft 55 40
7 ft 70 50
8 ft 80 65
9 ft 100 80
10 ft 130 100


* NEW * for 2019, Tractor Steve’s Finest Trees. Many of you already know Steve for his sparkly beard and wit; he has selected extra special, striking and splendid trees which are both beautiful and some of the tallest growing here at Wylds. These are notable for their grandeur and will be clearly marked in the plantation and priced accordingly.