Wylds Farm 2024 Calendar of Events:

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On the Farm throughout the year...

4/5/2024 Wyld Westival:  Wild West themed party night

15/6/2024 Jazz & Gin Evening

6/7/2023 Family Wyldsfest:  Live music festival open to all ages

16 – 21/7/2024 – Petersfield Shakespeare Festival

9/11/2024 – Wyldsfest with The Alibi Rock band

14/12/2024 – Apres Tree Retro Ski: Themed Party Night


Welcome the all new – Wylds Farm You tube channel!

So, Christmas is over in our homes…but Christmas is only just beginning here at Wylds Farm Christmas Trees..
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Below you’ll find all information on what’s happening at Wylds Farm this year. 

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Farmyard Entertainment Christmas Season 2024

Whilst it’s always Christmassy down at Wylds – what with all the trees, the sparkly lights and greenery decorating the barns – the live music at weekends makes for an especially festive feel.
We’ve had several choirs and individual performers returning to the farmyard to sing for you all this winter.


To be announced

Autumn/Winter Events on the Farm


Enchanted Nights

Après Tree Retro Ski

For information on Spring/Summer events and venue hire click here: http://wylds-farm-events.co.uk

Wylds Christmas Postbox


Our Postbox is open for letters to Father Christmas. 

Only this year, it has moved! Follow the signs to wander along the farm track, through the woodland and up the small hill to find the red postbox at the far end of the farm. 

For a reply, see Father C’s full postal address below.

Our 12 Wylds Elves will have hopped off the shelves and be a’ hidin’ ready for you all to find.  

Dogs on leads are welcome as always, with or without their woofy woolies.


Wylds Christmas Postbox 3

Letters to Father Christmas

Do remember to bring along your letters to Father Christmas to post in the Wylds Postbox at the top of the short hill walk ( signposted ) and be sure to address these correctly for a reply as below ;

Santa/Father Christmas
Santa’s Grotto

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Also, the mischievous Wylds Elves have moved the Postbox to a new area of the farm. Don’t worry, we’ve signposted it for you.



Walk to pick your tree

It’s a short walk to the plantation along our farm track.

All the trees are clearly signposted by type & size for you to pick the perfect .

Ask a Wylds elf cutter for advice if you’re unsure which tree to select; they’re sporting the hi-vis vests and wielding handsaws and chainsaws.

If you have any mobility needs, do request assistance from one of the elves either in car park, farmyard, bar or netting shed and we will arrange suitable transport up to the trees for you.


Meet Kenai

Named after this little guy, KENAI, who has grown several winter welly sizes since we photographed him and his feet here.  

Kenai the boy comes back each winter to check how his big, brown friend is faring in the yard.

Kenai the Bear stands tall and proud. He overlooks you all eating and having a jolly time around him and never, ever lunges down to snatch your food or sneak a sip of your hot chocolate …  

Factoid ; the River Kenai in Alaska is renowned for its salmon fishing.  Our Kenai is renowned for his giant, ursine patience amidst all the two-paw, selfie-taking, merry masses.

Kenai has also moved himself to a new ‘pawsition’ ; you’ll spot him in the netting shed when you bring your tree through.  

TwELF Days of Christmas Forest Trail

The TwELF Days of Christmas Forest Trail has moved this year. To further down the plantation, a little beyond where the tractor drops you. It was those mischievous Elves who made us do it.

We’ve signposted the trail for you – it starts at the log cabin by the entrance – and you’ll find the jolly, red Postbox at the trail end.

It’s also an opportunity for you adulty types to learn a little farm history along the way as we’ve made some red signs to read all about the farm’s previous chapters as a dairy farm, a beef farm, an organic vegetables farm etc …. 

Doubtless a few of you will climb that steep hill on autopilot expecting to find the Postbox at the top as before; there’s a nice little burst of unnecessary cardio for you. Well done, you’ve earned yourself a mince pie.


Fresh Wreaths

Laura has been crafting these fabulous fresh wreathes at Wylds for many a mulled wine season now.

She sources all the greenery locally and delivers fir-nomenal, freshly created circles of sprucey super to the farmyard for you each week.

You’ll find them hung in the netting shed when you arrive with your tree.

They not only *look* amazing but also smell so fragrant and glorious once decorating your door.

We love to see how they look once hung in position on your front doors so do share a pic with us in your insta stories.

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The Après Tree Bar

Jingle those bells, we’ve ales and mulled wine for you daily at The Après Tree Bar. Perhaps even a hot spiced apple & rum if you fancy ?

Coffees, tea and hot chocolates are also available.

Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, we’ve some extra special street food vendors in the yard with us. See below for full and juicy, flavoursome details.


Feast on Festive Food

We’ve a farmyard full of festive food so, arrive hungry when you visit us Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

A Wylds Welcome back to Norm & Iris from Grate Catering and Alfie of Earth to Oven who’ll be at their griddles with their scrumdiddlyumptious street food again this season.

More sizzling hot, tasty tucker for all, with adult + Tiny Tim-sized portions to warm your wintering bellies when you visit.

Giddy up and over to meet Mascarpony with their horse box chock full of cheeses to not say neigh to. Buy cheese, plant trees, that’s their mane mantra. Find out what they’re doing to limit their impact on the planet when you meet them.

vegetarian / vegan / gluten-free / fully carnivore options available

Our Three not-so-Little Pigs

Walk down the farm track and exchange snorty festive greetings with our three Kune Kune pigs.

They can’t see so clearly, so do call for them with your gruntiest, oinky voices.

Their names are Sherbet, Eliza. and Percy. 

The Kune Kune is a small, domestic pig from New Zealand. Very friendly and docile.

They have ‘wattles’ that hang from their lower jaw and look, a little unfortunately, quite like face testicles.

No kissing allowed. Not even with mistletoe; they have quite big teeth.

Tractor & Trailer Rides

Take a bouncy, bumpy, pot-holy trip down to the plantations to pick your own tree.

Rides depart frequently from the Barns on weekend days and more intermittently on weekdays. 

Tractor Steve will keep you straight; he’s the guy with the beard, silver birch-colour hair and with plenty of Christmas’s under his belt. I may get wrapped knuckles for writing that. Shhh!

One of our Wylds Elves will help cut down your tree and, if you need, pop it into the tractor to drive back up to the yard.

Once back at the yard, an elf will help you with the unload if necessary and direct you to the netting shed for tree measuring, netting and payment.

Jo, Phil and Ray are our regular *netheads* and with junior elves assisting. If you catch Chris in there, he has a great voice; he was once in the West End production of Mamma Mia no less. I’ll be in trouble for oversharing now! 

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mini train track

We couldn’t very well not have a train track, given our location right alongside the London – Portsmouth mainline !  

Fit for toddler drivers with zero locomotive training and now situated in the big Wylds barn where you can oversee your youngster whilst having a jolly nice sit-down on one of the couches,

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Face Painting

Bea is our super talented resident face painter and she is on hand with her brushes each Saturday and Sunday in the barn. 

Find her next to the train track. The toy train track that is, not the *actual* one! 

Not sure whether she’s ever painted a Thomas the Tank face on a child here; she gets lots of Grinch requests though.

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Sophia has stocked the shelves with plenty of sparkle and cheer, some locally hand-crafted treasures and other gifts sustainably sourced from far away places