Wylds Elf & Safety Rules

  • If you’re unwell with Covid-19 symptoms or have a confirmed case please do not visit the farm. Please see current government guidelines. 
  • Track and Trace details will be taken from the lead contact as per Government Guidelines.
  • Parents are politely asked to ensure their children adhere to social distancing and guidelines. It is our responsibility to put reasonable measures in place but it is not our responsibility to enforce social distancing.
  • All visitors aged 12 and over must wear a face mask in covered areas as per Government Ruling (unless exemption applies).   
  • On arrival and throughout your visit, you will see signs displaying social distancing and procedures. These will be in various forms i.e. arrows marking out a one-way system, floor queue markers, sanitising stations, pay points etc. Please read these.  
  • When interacting with our visitors, our staff will maintain social distancing at all times for the protection of our visitors, staff and the wider community.
  • Wylds Team members will be wearing the appropriate PPE for the areas that they are working in.
  • We have done our utmost to ensure that every activity on offer is both safe for you, our visitors, and our Team members and we ask you to follow any instructions given by members of our team at all times as well as ensuring that you wash your hands or use our sanitiser stations before and after participating in any activity.
  • Children aged 12 and over must wear masks in covered areas.
  • When visiting our toilets please be mindful of other users wash hands thoroughly with hot water and soap before you leave.
  • Please try, wherever possible, not to touch fences, barriers, signs etc. 
  • Under no circumstances must a member of the general public touch Nick’s felt hat; whilst unlikely to represent any virological threat to health, the risk of bacterial contamination is red alert high.
  • We ask you to follow our on-site instructions and maintain the 2m distance from other households at all times.  Our one-way systems are in place for your safety so please adhere to them.

Our Trees

We have a large selection of fir and spruce trees and offer an experience which families return to year after year


Entry is by ticket only
Daily 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Nov 21st – Dec 22nd 2020

Unfortunately, our annual ( and very enjoyable ) Season Launch Night is not possible this year.

Entry is by ticket only. 

Please consider making your annual visit to Wylds on a weekday this season; we’d really appreciate if you’re able to do so as this will contribute to a more even flow of visitors throughout the week.  

With many people working from home currently, this will be more achievable for some of us and prevent overwhelm at weekends.

We’re encouraging one visit per household, to minimise risk for all visitors and for our staff, though we recognise that selecting and tagging a live tree in the plantation and returning at a later date, watch it being felled and collecting on this second visit has always been a big part of the Wylds experience. 

See below for tagging info.

We’re operating a one way system for pedestrians.  

Access from the car park is through the gardens. 

A team member will be on hand to guide visitors into the farmyard and give directions to the tree plantations, shop, refreshments etc.

After a short walk into the plantation to select a tree, signal to one of the Wylds Farm cutters ( wearing hi-vis vests ) and he/she will fell your tree, ticket it with your name and take it to the tractors to be driven back to the yard.

Once back in the yard and reunited with your tree, one of the Wylds Team will price and net it.  

This year, payment facilities for trees will be cardless / cash at the point of netting ( previously in our shop )

Cash payments are encouraged to keep queue times to a minimum.

Tree tagging is not actively encouraged this season.

We wish to reduce the number of visits to the farm and reduce staff contact as much as possible.

If you are unable to come, choose and take your tree on any one given day and need to tag your tree in advance, please make your own sturdy and innovative tags; we cannot supply tags this year.

Face masks must be worn in the shop.  

No tree payments will be taken in the shop and numbers will be restricted to prevent queues and allow a relaxed shopping experience.  

Hot drinks, a non-alcoholic mulled punch and snacks will be served from the bar once lockdown 2.0 is over.

These can be enjoyed at suitably spaced tables in the larger covered area of the open barn.

Alcoholic drinks will not be served this year since there is no table service at Wylds.

Masks must be worn in all covered & seated spaces.

At this point in time, we do not intend to serve hot food this year. 

Masks must be worn in all enclosed or covered areas unless seated for eating and drinking. 

Face masks must also be worn in all covered areas including the barns, bar and shop. 

Wylds Team members will be on site to remind visitors to maintain social distancing and not form larger groups. 

Do bring your fabulous, often decorative letters to post to Father Christmas; the Wylds Postbox on the hill is open for business.

Sadly, tractor trailer rides cannot take place. Instead, it’s a short walk along the track into the plantations to chose a tree.

The Wylds Christmaze and Go Karts are not possible attractions this season. 

For disabled drivers and those with special requirements parking is available close to the yard.

Please do make known to parking attendants if you require special access arrangements.

All other parking is in the field at weekends.

We want Wylds Farm to be a welcoming and inclusive environment for all visitors. If a member of your party has a visual impairment, a hearing impairment, is a wheelchair user, has a learning disability or is deaf and requires specific support to enjoy their visit to Wylds, please do approach a member of our Team.  We’ll do whatever we can to ensure a full experience is available to all.

We are able to provide access to the trees via a vehicle for wheelchair users. Please contact us in advance to schedule if possible via email ( NEW EMAIL ADDRESS ! )